Fast instructions for members of break-out teams

Use the “Break-Out Teams” menu item to travel to a page that will have your team listed.
For each team there’s three choices, one of which should have what you’re looking for.
Your team organizer will post materials for you to refer to in these sections:
•  Next Meeting
•  Upcoming actions
•  Notes & Resources

Other Sections of the Website
All other sections on the website apply to the full group

•  Next Meeting……………when and where for the full group
•  Upcoming actions…….when, where, and why
•  Notes & Resources….for your reference
•  Calendar………………….our other events besides meetings and actions, including subcommittees

•  Recent Posts: See the most recent contributions from all organizers, regardless of break-out team
•  Open questions: a forum topics that JPAT members are puzzling over
•  Work in Progress: drafts of documents and protest artifacts posted for commment
•  About JPAT: Documents that define our group

•  Articles: items of interest including evidence that protests are having an impact
•  Books: good background material to know about
•  Commentary: Personal opinions from the organizers, posted to spur discussion