We’re hosting beer elections throughout Jefferson County.  Click on your preferred event below for more details and a link to the ticketing site.  

A beer election serves to educate the public about the practice of Ranked Choice Voting (RCV).  RCV is major component in the reforms called for by the American Anti-Corruption Act.

RCV provides a better way to count votes during an election, so that voters benefit from several advantages, which include:

  • getting to choose from more than the typical two candidates
  • having your second- and third-place preferences count for something
  • keeping politicians from winning by simply appealing to the extremists in their party base.


Just this year, Maine has switched to RCV for all offices at or below the state level.  And to date more than ten cities now use RCV including four in the Bay Area of California, Minneapolis, St. Paul…even Teluride.  Aurora will have RCV on the ballot someday soon.  Why not bring RCV to the rest of Colorado??

Volunteers needed…have fun, do good, and drink even more beer.  Write to info@actiontaskforce.org.

To learn more about RCV, contact us or click these links for FairVote.Org and RCV for Colorado.

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