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Advocating policies for Main Street, not Wall Street.

The Rational Inquirer gives voice to the voters and millennials from the center to center-left of the U.S. political spectrum. It is distributed free of charge by centrist political groups across the U.S.

If you’d like to submit an article, please email it to submissions@actiontaskforce.org.

We encourage political groups to customize each issue before printing and distributing it in their local areas.  We make a majority of the back page available for you to replace with text describing your group and listings of your upcoming events.  You’ll have to find a local offset printer in your area, but we can tell you what to look for and help you spec out your first edition.  Write us at tabloid@actiontaskforce.org. Typically printing costs run $0.13 apiece for quanities of 3,500, falling to $0.03 apiece for quantities above 25,000.